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Ketone-IQ + Caffeine


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Experience the steady energy of ketones combined with the quick clarity of clean caffeine. Ideal for focused minds and active bodies, Ketone-IQ + Caffeine shots deliver a sugar-free boost without the crash Maui Ketone Logo

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How and when to use?

How and when to use?

Take Ketone-IQ + Caffeine whenever you want a boost of High Performance Energy:

  • every morning to kick off the day,
  • to get into flow at work,
  • before, during, and after hitting the gym,
  • to power through the afternoon slump without resorting to coffee…

you name it!

We recommend taking 1–4 servings daily. Some people like to spread it across the day, and some take double or triple shots at once for an extra boost.

Need International Shipping?

Need International Shipping?

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I feel an immediate lift in calm cognitive energy. It's like my brain has the energy of coffee with the calmness of meditation. There's nothing like it.
Krysta Huber, certified nutrition coach & personal trainer.

Small Bottle,
Big Results

Experience a noticeable boost in stable, long-lasting energy — without any spikes or crashes. Ketone-IQ + Caffeine helps you start strong and finish stronger.

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Stable energy, no crashes. Feel your best for longer.



Stay focused, think sharp. Give your brain the power of clarity.

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Maximum endurance, sustained energy. Perform at your peak.

Appetite Control

Appetite Control

Curb cravings, stay on track. Ketones can help tame hunger pangs.


The combo of ketones and natural caffeine provides a smoother, longer-lasting energy boost compared to traditional energy shots, minimizing the risk of sudden crashes or jitters and keeping you feeling fantastic longer!

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Caffeine and ketones work synergistically. Caffeine helps you reach peak mental clarity and ketones help you sustain it.

Vitamins B6 and B12 support further to optimize brain metabolism and protect against stress and mood swings.

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Athletic Performance

Ketones prevent "bonking" and support a faster recovery.

Caffeine offers an immediate boost in performance, allowing you to go harder for longer.

How do I use Ketone-IQ for Athletic Performance and Endurance?
How do I use Ketone-IQ for Athletic Recovery?

Appetite Control

Ketones can suppress ghrelin, the hunger hormone, helping reduce your appetite so you can reach your diet and fitness goals.

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High Performance
Energy Blend


as R-1,3-Butanediol
The natural ketones in Ketone-IQ are a healthy, clean source of energy, made through a sustainable fermentation process. Think: high-tech, non-GMO kombucha. 1

Natural Caffeine

from Green Tea
Caffeine from green tea has been shown to boost your metabolism and energy levels. 100mg is about the same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. 2
Vitamins for an added boost

Vitamin B6

as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Vitamin B6 helps improve your mood, while supporting brain function and keeping the immune system healthy. 3

Vitamin B12

as Methylcobalamin
Vitamin B12 helps the body create DNA, nourishes the brain and nervous system, and assists with the formation of healthy red blood cells. 4

Feel the Difference or it's Free

We put our money where our benefits are. That's how much we believe in the power of ketones.

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Made by Pioneers
in Energy Science

Obsessively optimizing ketone drinks since 2016

Trusted by Professional Athletes

Active University Research Partnerships

Obsessively optimizing ketone drinks since 2016

With the release of H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester, we were the first to bring drinkable ketones to the world. Since our first iteration, we’ve been working on making ketones more efficient, effective, and powerful than ever before—leading to Ketone-IQ.

Trusted by Professional Athletes

Our ketone technology is widely used by professional athletes, including Olympic competitors, and the majority of teams competing in the Tour de France. In fact, Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi broke the UCI Hour world record on 2018-09-13 while fueling with H.V.M.N. Ketone.

Active University Research Partnerships

H.V.M.N.’s ketone technology is being actively researched by academic institutions for multiple applications. Ketone-IQ may play a role in neurodegenerative disease treatment, cancer research, diabetes management, and many other applications.

Obsessively optimizing ketone drinks since 2016

Trusted by Professional Athletes

Active University Research Partnerships

Frequently asked questions

How are Ketone-IQ Pure & Ketone-IQ +Caffeine different?

+ -
While both products offer the amazing-feeling energy that only ketones can supply, Ketone-IQ + Caffeine has 5g of ketones alongside 100mg of natural caffeine derived from green tea and has a smoother, fruitier flavor. Ketone-IQ has double the ketones (10g) compared to Ketone-IQ + Caffeine, and no caffeine. Both are sugar -ree, and contain no artificial flavors or colors. Many users enjoy both and use them on different occasions, sometimes doubling up to take on the big days.

How does Ketone-IQ +Caffeine compare to other energy shots?

+ -

The most prominent difference between Ketone-IQ + Caffeine and other energy shots is the presence of ketones, a macronutrient that offers a steady supply of stable energy over the course of several hours. Thanks to ketones, our shot can offer an immediate and long-lasting boost in energy with less than half the caffeine than typical energy shots. Ketone-IQ has 100mg of natural caffeine derived from green tea, while 5-hour Energy has over 200mg and leaves you prone to spikes and crashes.   
The natural ketones in Ketone-IQ are made through a sustainable fermentation process. Think: high-tech, non-GMO kombucha. Ketone-IQ + Caffeine is for anyone who wants a better, cleaner energy shot.

Where can I find Ketone-IQ +Caffeine in stores?

+ -

Take a look at our Store Locator to find the retailer nearest to you.

What results can I expect from Ketone-IQ +Caffeine?

+ -
Users can anticipate an immediate boost of energy that sustains over the course of several hours. The combination of 5g of ketones, 100mg of caffeine, and beneficial B vitamins means a quick-onset and long-lasting clean supply of energy, no spikes or crashes. Users report feeling a potent boost in physical performance, mental clarity, and subtle appetite suppression. 

Is Ketone-IQ +Caffeine suitable for everyone?

+ -

Ketones are simply a healthy energy source, and all our Ketone-IQ products fit any lifestyle and nutrition plan, keto or not.

Ketone-IQ + Caffeine isn’t recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, and people with caffeine sensitivities.

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Ketone-IQ + Caffeine

Free U.S. shipping for orders over $50

International shipping options now available.
Ketone-IQ + Caffeine

Free U.S. shipping for orders over $50

International shipping options now available.
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