Join me in welcoming Ben Woosley to Nootrobox! When we look to add talent to our team, we select for people who are truly at the top of their field. For software engineers, one marker for skill is open source contribution, and Ben's got a world-class resume there. He's the #105 top contributor to the Ruby on Rails project, which is one of the most popular modern web application frameworks ever. He's contributed to git, a revision control tool for software that virtually every modern software company in Silicon Valley uses. He's also contributed to the Brave browser, which has received recent notoriety for blocking web ads to the chagrin of all major publishers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. He's an engineer's engineer literally having helped build the frameworks and tools that software developers use every day. And he's a former CTO to boot.

More importantly, Ben's a diligent and thoughtful biohacker and has had extensive personal experience optimizing his own supplement regimen. Nootrobox's mission is to enhance humans, and Ben will be instrumental in helping us build the tools and software to make this possible. Our mandate is broad and covers not just the inputs into the human platform, but also all applications and tools that one can conceive on top of the human system. Get excited to see what's next from us!

PS. In addition to his engineering responsibilities, Ben also takes the mantle for all things related to rock climbing, DJing, and communal housing at Nootrobox.

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