Join me in welcoming both Michael Lee and Dr. Manuel Lam to Nootrobox!

Michael Lee is one of those rare talents combining high-level technical artistic ability with a data scientist's instincts to grok through the data. You have seen his work as the Lead Designer for Coin, the "multiple credit card in one" card that took the world by storm a couple years ago and as a founder and principal of his own design studio.

We're already an award-winning (Inc Magazine Design) and trend-setting (2017 Mintel Food and Beverage) design organization, and Michael Lee will take our design organization to the next level. I fully expect him to anchor a team that will be known as iconic in creating new categories of products and services.

I met Manny through Dr. Connie Chen, one of our angels. Manny is a Clinical Instructor at Stanford Medical and met Connie during her residency. Connie pointed me to Manny as "super scrappy / entrepreneurial (he previously helped to create a broadly used app summarizing major clinical trials for doctors) and also one of the fittest / healthiest people I know who is personally super passionate about biohacking / intermittent fasting / nootropics."

I responded with "Yes please!", and Manny quickly became one of our most avid WeFast community members. Not only did Manny quickly became an anchor in our community of biohackers, he also became a trusted advisor to me on all things at bleeding edge of medicine and medical care. He's a practicing Internal Medicine specialist at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, has over a decade of medical experience, and has taught dozens of doctors in residency. I'm excited to see how Manny will further push our Science and Medical initiatives.

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