H.V.M.N. is a research-driven nutrition company first and foremost. However, in our broadest vision, I think we become a culture company. We ultimately hope to enable and inspire people to better versions of themselves. I'm excited to take one step towards that vision by welcoming Nate Martins to the team as our Editorial and Communications Lead. He joins us from VSC PR where he's worked with some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. But what makes Nate truly stand out is that he's a wordsmith. He's been featured in New York Times Modern Love, San Diego Magazine, and 7x7 and served as editor of Urbanist Guide. Nate now leads our efforts to communicate why ketosis, fasting, and ketone esters are important for everyone, and not just biohackers, soldiers, and athletes. Please join me in welcoming Nate!

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