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Nutrition is the most primal field of inquiry we have as a species.

The senses of taste and smell were evolved to help us discern what was edible and what wasn’t. Meat over fire was a technology enabling enhanced bioavailability of important amino acids and fats. We learn, adapt, evolve, and this quest continues today: what foods will make us thrive versus what foods merely allow us to survive? Even though we’ve been “eating” since the dawn of history, the optimal diet still eludes us.

On any arbitrary day, you’ll like read scary headlines on how food X or macronutrient Y is terrible and will increase your risk for cancer or heart attack. Next week, there are the same hyperbolic headlines on how that same food X or macro Y is actually fantastic and is good for longevity. With all the contradictions and mixed messages, it’s no wonder our modern world is in a nutritional crisis. The trendlines suggest we’re spiraling into an abyss of society-wide obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

The Industrial Revolution and big food conglomerates provided the infrastructure to feed billions. Humanity is now on track to number ten billion. While industrial food production may have been the solution for the yearning masses to escape poverty and famine, this apparatus is now leading us astray and away from the health, longevity and performance of the individual.

H.V.M.N. was founded upon the idea of utilizing a systems engineering approach towards enhancing health, longevity, and performance. As scientists, technologists, and engineers, our organization believes that modern science, quantitative biomarker sensors, a personalized approach, and a systems engineering mindset allows us oppose and reverse those nutritional trends.

At its biochemical core, life is a dance between the consumption and expenditure of energy. What we put into our bodies today becomes the foundation of who we are tomorrow. Let’s take back and redefine modern nutrition, together.

H.V.M.N. is Health Via Modern Nutrition.

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