Nootrobox has always been an iterative project. As new literature and customer feedback refined our thinking, we’ve made incremental updates to RISE, KADO-3, SPRINT and YAWN. Scientific inquiry and engineering is a never-ending process, and we’re obsessed with creating products for our community (and frankly ourselves) rooted in the latest R&D.

Today, we’re excited to announce that recent breakthroughs and partnerships have allowed us to upgrade Nootrobox in a major way.

Over the past year, H.V.M.N. has worked with the world’s best in sport and defense. Through these R&D initiatives, we collaborated with elite performers to understand how they quantify performance. What biomarkers matter? How are cognitive, physical and metabolic performance gauged? Where are the gaps in products supporting these functions?

H.V.M.N. understands what works for the world’s best. That’s translated into our products, which aim to enable the best performance from every one of us.

Nootrobox was an idea to deliver nootropics in a box. We’ve clearly outgrown that box. Our supplement products ultimately reflect performance, and we embrace that evolution.

Moving forward, Nootrobox will be known as H.V.M.N. Performance Supplements.

The four bottles of HVMN Performance Supplements with a hand outstretched over them.

For a detailed discussion on how we upgraded each individual performance supplement, listen to a special edition of the H.V.M.N. Podcast featuring a conversation between Dr. Brianna Stubbs and myself on how we revamped Rise, Kado, Sprint and Yawn.



  • Changed adaptogen source from rhodiola rosea to ashwagandha behind stronger mechanistic understanding and higher activity on new randomized controlled trials (RCTs) emerging for ashwagandha
  • Changed choline source from alpha-GPC to citicoline due to newer RCT data behind endpoints on healthy young adult volunteers


  • Doubled astaxanthin dosage from 1 mg to 2 mg to be more closely aligned with human RCT data


  • Increased caffeine content to a 1:1 ratio to l-theanine instead of a 1:2 ratio
  • Added 400 mg of panax ginseng based on acute cognitive performance RCT data on healthy adults and correspondence with investigators, and removed L-tyrosine, B6, and B12


  • Increased melatonin dose from 300 mcg to 1 mg
  • Increased package size to 30 capsules for a full month’s supply
Image of kado with pill inside the bottle with the top open

Pricing Update

We exclusively work with the highest quality supply chain that surpasses our efficacy, purity, and safety bar. To accommodate for these product changes, our prices have changed accordingly.

Thanks for your continued support of H.V.M.N.

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