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Today, we’re proud to formally introduce the world’s best MCT Oil and Keto Collagen powders. It’s a bold statement, but I’m confident that once you try these products, you’ll agree.

H.V.M.N. is at the forefront of the ketogenic & fasting & human performance / biohacking communities; it’s been incredible to see these areas attract so much scientific, professional, and grassroots interest. As more and more people join our community, we keep hearing the same questions and requests over and over again:

How do I more easily get more healthy fat into my diet?

What are the best types of ketogenic fats to eat?

Should I be incorporating collagen into my diet and is it keto-friendly?

Should I add MCTs to my diet, and if so what kind?

It’s not just you asking these questions. These are fundamental questions I ask and re-ask myself as new nutritional studies and new food technologies emerge.

Over the past year, we decided the best way to answer those questions was to make the answers ourselves. Hence, the birth of MCT Oil Powder and Keto Collagen +.

Of course, answers just don’t materialize out of thin air. We focused on really optimizing for the following attributes, understanding these were important when creating a best-of-breed product:

  • Simplicity and ‘cleanliness’ of label: no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or other junk. The only things in our product are the actual functional components you want.
  • Mixability: no random clumps of powder stuck in your coffee or smoothie. Our powder mix silky smooth.
  • Taste: we beat other MCT or collagen products in blind taste tests. We spent months tuning the exact ratios for the creamiest, most delicious, cleanest-tasting product on the market. It’s really yummy.
  • Trusted and tested by the best: we work with the best athletes in the world and their standards are our standards. We’re proud to translate that specificity and make it available to everyone.

I’ve been personally beta-testing these products over the past few months and they’re already part of my daily staples. Early H.V.M.N. testers are obsessed with them!

Let’s go into specifics for each product line:

MCT Oil Powder

It's made with C8 / caprylic acid, with delicious flavors derived from 100% vanilla bean and real 100% cocoa powder.

  • Not all MCT is the same. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride and it references a fatty acid with a “medium-length” chain of carbon atoms. What is medium-length? It means 6, 8, 10, or 12 carbon atoms long.
  • C8 or caprylic acid (also known as Brain Octane) is the most ketogenic fatty acid that readily converts into ketones. While it’s not directly delivering ketones (like our H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester), it’s the best one out of the MCT family and the most expensive.
  • Our MCT Oil Powder is the only powder that’s fully C8 and with a base of 0-net carb, probiotic acacia fiber.

I use it for:

  • Getting the highest-quality ketogenic fats easily
  • Curbing cravings and driving satiety
  • Unlocking clean, all-day keto energy
  • Kickstarting my metabolism into fat burning mode
  • Turning my coffee, smoothies and shakes into a source of ketogenic fat

Keto Collagen+

Made with collagen co-factors (zinc, copper, vitamin C) and real, 100% vanilla bean and real 100% cocoa powder.

  • You need vitamin C, zinc, and copper to synthesize and integrate collagen properly in the body once it’s consumed and digested. The science there is clear, but most products forget to include these critical cofactors.
  • Base of our H.V.M.N. MCT Oil (C8) Powder so it’s keto-friendly and 0-net carbs with probiotic acacia fiber

I use it for:

  • Helping my body’s natural collagen production
  • Making sure my hair, skin, nails, joints and bones stay healthy
  • Getting post-workout, keto-friendly protein and amino acid recovery
  • Boosting my coffee, shakes, smoothies and baked goods with a source of healthy collagen and keto-friendly fat

We’ve changed the human performance nutrition game by introducing the world’s first ketone ester drink. We’ve changed how Silicon Valley approaches cognition through Nootrobox, our nootropics line. Now we’re changing how MCT and collagen should be incorporated into your diet.

I know you’ll enjoy these in your coffee and shakes as much as I do.

Onwards as we all pursue healthier, happier lives through modern metabolic nutrition.

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