You may have just received your H.V.M.N. MCT Oil Power or H.V.M.N. Keto Collagen+ and noticed that the container appears only half full. You also may be wondering why it’s only half full? Well, Max here from the H.V.M.N. Product team is here to help answer your questions.

First of all, your concern is natural. I too would be a bit suspicious if a product I ordered arrived that wasn’t in line with my expectations. Don’t worry, we explain this in a minute. As a testament to our brand’s transparency, we love using clear containers, but this means we don’t have a wall of plastic to hide behind like every other nutrition brand out there!

Secondly, H.V.M.N. always guarantees that our products arrive with the amount of product displayed on our website, which matches the amount indicated on each product's label. This means you will always get the amount of product ordered. It’s our promise.

So why does your container appear half full?

This is because the powder settles. Believe it or not, from the time the product is manufactured to when it arrives on your doorstep, the powder gets denser.

Let’s hop back to our time in science class to quickly review the density formula


In this equation, the “mass” is the powder and the “volume” is the space the powder takes up in the container.

When we fill the container during manufacturing, the powder is very fluffy so it can pour easily into the container. We fill almost to the brim, leaving just enough room to put the scoop on top.

After the lid is sealed, the powder starts to settle in the container as it waits patiently in our warehouse and then rides in the truck on its way to your doorstep. As the powder settles, it takes up less space inside the container, leaving more space in the top of the container when it arrives at your door. What used to be a jar 100% full of a very fluffy powder is now a jar 60 to 70% full of more dense powder. In the equation above, the density has increased since the volume (or space) the powder takes up inside the container decreased—but Mass is the same—you are still getting the same amount of powder!

Want to verify this for yourself?

Try it! With the cap on, turn the container upside down and shake it around, until all the powder is very loosely flowing. Now, flip the bottle back over so it’s right side up. This is what the jar looks like when we manufacture it. Now, tap the container against the counter 5-10 times. The powder settles. This is the same effect that occurs after we seal the jar and as it makes its way to you. It’s not magic...just science.

Now you know the deal! Keep on enjoying H.V.M.N. MCT Oil Powder or H.V.M.N. Keto Collagen+, and know you’re getting the highest-quality product around and exactly as much as we promised you!

Email if you have any other packaging or product-related questions. Our product team will always respond!

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