Join me in welcoming Max Kolegue to H.V.M.N.! You already trust us with your metabolic performance nutrition, and we take that responsibility seriously. As a Lead in our Product & Operations organization, Max will further our capabilities as a science-first company that develops products that surpass even the most discerning requirements of the very best performers.

Max brings a unique set of operating experiences to H.V.M.N., from the earliest stages of a start-up to some of the largest, Fortune 50 companies in the world. As employee #1 at a leading cricket protein startup, he’s been at the forefront of building new categories, and as an engineer at both Kraft Heinz and PepsiCo, he’s launched some of the most popular consumables in the world like Kraft’s coffee pods. I’m very excited to see Max take H.V.M.N. to the next level in terms of both innovation and scale.

On a personal level, I’ve gotten to Max over the last few months and have found him an especially deep and thoughtful thinker. You’ll probably find him meditating or doing yoga when he’s not experimenting with new H.V.M.N. products. I very much look forward to changing the world of metabolic health with Max.

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