We kicked off 2019 by asking your goals for the New Year, and how you planned on accomplishing them. We selected three winners to receive a 3-pack of H.V.M.N. Ketone to help fuel those goals into reality.

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us! All were inspirational–we’re lucky to be working with such a driven, passionate community.

But there could only be three winners of the H.V.M.N. 2019 Goals Challenge. Here are their stories, their goals, and how they plan to accomplish them with H.V.M.N. Ketone.

Winners of the HVMN 2019 Goal's Challenge. Brandon B is hiking, James H is climbing a mountain in snow gear, and Chad B is running a marathon

Winner: Brandon B.

Goal: Avenge his 100-mile race

After learning his wife was pregnant, Brandon was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his femur. Surgery left him with a cadaver bone, titanium, screws and a section of his quad missing. He was told he may never be able to run again.

He spent months re-learning how to walk, and years on the bicycle to regain strength–but he missed running. Inspired by his daughter and the birth of another child, Brandon completed a 50k in preparation for a 100-mile ultramarathon.

During that 100-miler, Brandon used H.V.M.N. Ketone on race day. While he expected to drop out early, at the 50k mark Brandon was on PR pace. On mile 68, he heard a loud pop and his leg started grinding–he broke some hardware in his leg. Arriving at mile 70, he still felt great physically but decided it was time to drop out to avoid more surgeries, more time off. At the mile 70 aid station, Brandon was doing air squats, showing his desire to push himself.

After the race, Brandon expected he wouldn’t be able to walk. Then he drank a bottle of H.V.M.N. Ketone for recovery. The next morning he was up and about, doing chores like mowing the lawn. He’s currently in recovery and using H.V.M.N. Ketone, but has signed up for more races, including more 50ks, and a gravel bike race.

He’ll use H.V.M.N. Ketone to continue on the path of recovery, during training and of course, during his next few races.

Brandon’s goal? Conquer the 100-mile race on which be broke part of his leg.

Winner: James H.

Goal: Summit Mt. Denali and become a certified health coach

James H. is on the “seven summits challenge,” to climb the highest mountain on every single continent. He’s an experienced climber, but Denali has unique challenges. Located in Alaska, it’s the highest mountain in North America with an elevation of 20,310 feet.

James will use H.V.M.N. Ketone to push through the cold, lack of oxygen and demand for sustained, intense physical exercise. He’ll also use H.V.M.N. Ketone for the mental benefit, a huge aspect of climbing. He plans to use H.V.M.N. Ketone during his rigorous physical and mental training, helping his body adapt to the stress of climbing.

In addition to his climbing, James also wants to get certified as an ADAPT health coach to help children get healthy and learn about nutrition. ADAPT refers to a few things: adapting our bodies to the modern world in which we live, adapting how society looks at healthy living, adapting our individual behaviors for change.

James is becoming an agent of change through the ADAPT program, and is summiting the tallest mountain in the US–using H.V.M.N. Ketone to help him get there.

Winner: Chad B.

Goal: Crush the last 10k of his marathon

The final push is often the most difficult. Winner Chad B. has done over 30 marathons, but the challenge of getting better keeps him coming back for more. He likes the race against the clock. He likes the solo aspect of running, and its ability to expose personal strengths and weaknesses for the world to see.

A college lacrosse player, Chad started running to stay in shape and fell in love with the sport. Now his focus is on getting better, taking the last step of improvement which is usually the largest, most impactful step to take.

Chad is using H.V.M.N. Ketone to improve muscle efficiency. He also plans to incorporate weight training into his milage training, hoping the extra strength will fuel the last 6+ miles of the marathon. Together, Chad’s training and H.V.M.N. Ketone will fuel him throughout the marathon and specifically in those crucial final miles.

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