Embarking on a health and wellness journey often involves exploring innovative supplements that enhance performance. In this blog post, we delve into one individual's experience with Ketone-IQ, shedding light on how this product has transformed his workouts and daily productivity.

Overcoming Skepticism: Dr. Latt Mansor engages in a conversation with Charlie Lawrence, who shares his journey of initially being skeptical about Ketone-IQ. Charlie narrates how a simple direct message (DM) to the founder, Mike, opened the door to a world of heightened performance and well-being. He emphasizes the importance of taking that first step and trying it out, especially considering the various promotions and discount codes available.

First Encounter with KetoneIQ: Charlie recounts his first encounter with Ketone-IQ in 2017, hearing about the ketone ester's potential benefits for athletic performance. Despite initial reservations due to the high price, Charlie highlights the significant impact it had on his running and recovery, making it a worthwhile investment.

Redefining Convenience and Prioritizing Health: The conversation touches upon the broader perspective of convenience in nutrition. Charlie advocates for prioritizing health over the convenience of quick and processed meals. He shares a personal story about a friend who actively seeks out nutritious options from local farms, underlining the importance of conscious choices in fueling our bodies.

Selective Fasting and Balance: Charlie introduces the concept of selective fasting, describing how he incorporates it into his travel routine. He emphasizes the significance of balance, encouraging individuals to pay attention to their body's cues and ensuring adequate nutrition, especially protein intake, when practicing intermittent fasting.

How Ketone-IQ Enhances Performance: Describing the feeling of being on Ketone-IQ, Charlie likens it to the alertness and focus associated with a morning cup of coffee. He shares that it helps him enter a flow state, enhancing focus and productivity during tasks, whether it's a workout or other daily activities. Charlie also reveals that he takes Ketone-IQ before and after every run to maintain energy levels and aid recovery.

In the world of health and wellness, the journey to optimal performance often involves exploring new supplements. Charlie Lawrence's experience with Ketone-IQ serves as a testament to the transformative potential of this product. Whether you're an athlete seeking peak performance or an individual looking to boost daily productivity, Ketone-IQ may be the key to unlocking your full potential.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Charlie Lawrence shares his journey of initially being skeptical about Ketone-IQ but emphasizes the importance of taking the first step. He highlights the accessibility of promotions and discount codes as incentives for those curious about trying the product.
  • Charlie and Latt explore the broader perspective of convenience in nutrition, with Charlie advocating for prioritizing health over quick, processed meals. A personal anecdote underscores the value of conscious choices in sourcing nutritious options from local farms.
  • Charlie introduces the concept of selective fasting and emphasizes the importance of balance in nutrition. He describes the feeling of being on Ketone-IQ, likening it to the alertness of a morning cup of coffee. The product helps him enter a flow state, enhancing focus and productivity during various activities, and he shares his routine of taking it before and after every run for sustained energy and recovery.

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Dr. Latt Mansor:

What made you even curious about Ketone-IQ? Because, a lot of people are obviously until now are quite skeptical. Like those who are believing in Ketone-IQ, they fully believe in it. They live, breathe and sleep with it. But there are people out there who are still skeptical. How did you overcome that skepticism and try Ketone-IQ?

And what would your advice be for people out there who would like to try ketone IQ, but are still skeptical?

Charlie Lawrence

Yeah, for me, man, it was just taking that first step, like sending Mike a DM, at that point, you like, Mike like he, in 2022, and don't quote me, he had probably under 2000 Instagram followers.

Now he has 80, 90, 000. So he's grown a ton. And he got back to me within 30, 30 minutes after I sent the DM, it's just take that first step to try it. Cause I had first heard about it from, I heard about in 2017 with one of the first version of your ketone ester. It came in like the, almost like the square bottle.

My buddy Tristan, he's a former pro cyclist. He was in Colorado Springs. I was out visiting him. And him and his buddy was talking about this supplement called I think it was just HVMN at the time. And they're like, yeah, they have this, it's called the ketone ester. It tastes terrible.

You might vomit, but you can put out 10 to 15 percent higher wattage, on, on your bike. And those are the numbers that they were talking. Cause they're cyclists. I'm like it's got to translate in some capacity to running. So that was the first time I heard about it. And it was just in the back of my head.

And I remember I looked at the price and I don't, don't quote me, but it was. For four servings, $150. Does that sound accurate or something?

Dr. Latt Mansor:

Yeah. This is like three, three servings for 120. 120, I think it is around there. Like a hundred dollars to $120 for three servings.

Charlie Lawrence

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I was just like, I'm like, I was already taking L car team, like the, like all those supplements like that. So like I'm, I will like, and I still take O'Connor team, but I'm like, I'll take any supplement that I think will. will benefit my running and recovery and performance, all that.

But honestly, at that price point, I was just like, I can't justify it. I just can't like, I was still like, I just saw my pro contract, which was not a lot of money. We're pretty much at the poverty line with what I was doing in professional running, had to run faster to make more than that.

So that was the first time I heard about it. And for me, going back to your question, which is just take that first step, go, like we have tons of promotions. I have a code. I have a several discount codes. Go take advantage of that on your first sale. And just give it a try, go get six shots, get a caddy.

Chill it, rip it 10, 15 minutes before your first run. And just see how you feel. Or, even before I hopped on this call, it was like, I just know how I feel off of it. Like I'd ripped one 20 minutes ago, you just know, yeah. Like you just, you feel a little more dialed. It's it's the same thing too, where it's I love coffee.

I make my pour over every single morning before I have to bring my hand grinder. Like you name it. Love my coffee. Love my caffeine. But if I drink it past noon, like I'm not sleeping till midnight, so for me, it's it's that little like caffeine kick to energy focus. You just feel good off of it.

So for me, it's take that first chance, just go buy it. It's worth every penny. Judging for me, it's I'm, we're fortunate we get it for free, but at the same time too it's a product where now that I know, Like how I feel off of it and how I've performed off of it, recover, like I'd pay for it in a heartbeat, if I had to, and it's, 30 for 10, 10 servings instead, yeah, that's great.

Like I said, by the initial price that I saw in 2017, a hundred, what is that? 40 a shot, so I'm just like I can't justify it. No, it's great. It's sprouts has some deals. Like I said, we have. like I have a discount code myself.

Whoever needs it, reach out, happy to have it, to give it. Yeah, I love asking people like yourself, people who have used it, people who are, partners their take on how they feel on Q2NIQ and, um, and we'll get into that. And then also what would you say to people who are curious and skeptical, because whatever I say, whatever sort of explanation or content I make around the science, I have the intrinsic.

Biasness, because I work for the company like that, that, people will always perceive it, no matter how neutral or objective I am, it's still coming from an employee of the company. So this is great. So could for people who are not familiar with Ketone-IQ, could you describe how do you feel when you're on Ketone-IQ for your workouts or for any productivity sort of activities?

Yeah, so for me the closest thing that I can compare it to, and this is for people that also have experienced this, but like, when you have that morning cup of coffee, or like you're just waking up, for me it was traditionally like, you wake up, you're groggy, a little tired Instead of and I still will, I'll stack it with my coffee.

So a nice one, two punch. But if you like the feeling you have with coffee and you're not a caffeine person, like that's your next step. It's you're going to feel awake, focused. a little more dialed. And for me, it's just it helps me almost get into that flow state of whether it's if I'm banging a few emails if I'm just going out for a 10 mile run, like I take it even for my easy days, just because I know that I'm going to feel a little more kind of in the moment focused at the task at hand, get it done, move on.

It's going to help me feel good during it and help me recover afterwards. And I even to, I'm going to the point as well, where I take one before and after every run, just cause okay. You hit your, I don't say you work out, then you're pretty tired. You get lethargic. I don't say sleepy, but you just want to relax.

It helps me stay back on it where it's okay, I need to do mobility. Now I need to do core. Then I need to, send care and email, or, or someone so it just, it's that thing that helps you take that helps me like stay on task and just help me check those boxes of, what really a.

I was like, I'm not sure if a new tropics, the right word, you might be able to confirm that, but it's just it just helps you like really lock in and that focus that without really any sort of jitters, is the best way to put it.

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