Let's dive into the differences between anabolic steroids, TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), and address common misconceptions surrounding them.

1. Classifications and Comparisons: Imagine the realm of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) as a spectrum, similar to amphetamines with substances ranging from cocaine to Adderall. Anabolic steroids fall within this classification as Performance Enhancing Drugs. However, it's crucial to note that not all drugs within a classification are equal. For instance, just as your doctor wouldn't prescribe cocaine for focus issues, not all steroids are the same.

Within anabolic androgenic steroids, there's a spectrum ranging from natural testosterone, essential for human beings, to substances like Trembolone, originally designed for cattle. The latter, not intended for human use, can have severe health consequences. Other examples include Nanadrolan (Deca), Anabar, and Winchdrol, all considered illegal.

2. Selectivity and Specificity: Taking steroids doesn't mean embracing the entire classification. It's analogous to someone occasionally using different forms of amphetamines. While one person might use cocaine on weekends, Adderall at work, and caffeine before the gym, another individual might only use a specific form of testosterone, naturally present in the body.

3. Levels and Risks: Individuals using steroids often go beyond mere diversity; they operate at SUPRA physiological levels. Unlike the normal range of 300 to 1000 nanograms, some might reach extreme levels, exemplified tragically by a bodybuilder with 52,000 nanograms at the time of his death. This stark contrast emphasizes the risks associated with supraphysiological hormone levels.

4. Manufacturing and Legality: The origin of steroids is vital in understanding their quality and safety. Unlike pharmaceutical-grade products produced in regulated environments like Pfizer, many steroids are manufactured in less controlled settings, such as underground labs in countries like Moldova or China. These substances may then be illegally shipped to other countries, including the United States.

In summary, distinguishing between anabolic steroids, TRT, and misconceptions surrounding them is essential for informed health decisions. Remember, not all substances within a classification are equal, and the risks associated with supraphysiological hormone levels highlight the importance of informed choices in health and wellness practices.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Differentiate between anabolic steroids like testosterone, intended for human use, and substances like Trembolone, originally designed for cattle and posing potential harm to humans.
  • Individuals using steroids may selectively choose specific substances within the classification, similar to selective use of different amphetamines.
  • Consider the origin and quality of steroids, noting the contrast between regulated pharmaceutical-grade products and the potential health risks associated with substances produced in less controlled environments.

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Jacob Zemer:

So now let's talk about the difference between anabolic steroids, TRT what do people understand so far? What's the misunderstanding around it? There's two major the first biggest two differences. Three, three major differences. First and foremost, so there's a segment of drugs known as PEDs.

Just there's a segment of drugs like amphetamines, right? And under amphetamines, there's multiple things. That includes cocaine all the way to Adderall. You wouldn't, if your child was having a hard time paying attention in school, your doctor's not going to give them cocaine. They would give them, they would give them Adderall.

So just because something's a classification of drugs do not mean that they are on par with each other. The same thing is true with like steroids, which is one form of PEDs, Performance Enhancing Drug. Steroids is a classification of drugs, anabolic androgenic steroids. Now within that, you can, again, like the cocaine Adderall analogy, there is testosterone, which fine, meant for human beings.

You want to have that natural in your body. And then there's all the way over to the other corner, which is like Trembolone. And Trembolin is a steroid that is originally designed for cattle. Human beings were never intended to take this drug, and will absolutely ruin your health. And there's other drugs within that, like Nanadrolan, which is also known as Deca.

There's drugs like Anabar, Winchdrol, and these are all illegal drugs. Now, these drugs, in the classification, somebody who's taking steroids, Means they're taking that whole class or are open to taking that whole classification of drugs. So it'd be like somebody who's oh, I take, and again, just bear with me with the analogy again of like the classification of methamphetamines.

If there's somebody who's on the weekends I do cocaine, but when I'm at my office job, I take Adderall. And then, before I go to the gym. I take some caffeine in my pre workout. That person is doing all forms of amphetamines, right? Whereas in the other example, the person is only doing one form of ester, and it happens to be testosterone, which is naturally in your body.

Anyhow, you just want to, and then the second thing within that category is, The person who's doing steroids, they are using multiple drugs across multiple receptor cells, but they also have what's known as SUPRA, S U P R A, not super, SUPRA physiological levels, which means that we talked about that 300 to 1000 being the normal range.

They might have, as an example, a gentleman named Dallas Carver, a professional bodybuilder who died at the age of 26, tragically, had 52, 000 nanograms over deciliter. He died in his autopsy having 52 times level of normal testosterone. That is a stark contrast between the two. Not only do they take multiple drugs across multiple receptor cells, they also have supraphysiological levels.

Of these hormones. So those are starch contrasts. And the third thing that I would say as well is when you are buying steroids, they are not made in a pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical grade, quality controlled situation. They are probably made in someplace like Moldova, like a part of the former USSR. That's actually one of the major manufacturing of Moldova.

They happen to be they're major forms of, is sex trade and steroid production. And Moldova, they are coming over from countries like this, or other countries, China, etc., that are then made, and they're made probably under underground labs. So they're made illegally, in some countries, depends on the country, and then shipped over here to the United States.

They go through customs, but essentially these things can be made in any degree of someone's backup, to someone's private laboratory, as opposed to being made, as an example, at Pfizer. Or the powder is sent from Pfizer to a compounding pharmacy, as an example, mine, mine is made in a compounding pharmacy Westchester Compounding Pharmacy, makes it, I pick it up, good to go.

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